Unprecedented design by Eiji Uemura

Eiji Uemura is a 3rd generation successor of Uemura Cultured Pearls.
Starting with a popular pearl necklace, Eiji's natural sensibility and fire led to the innovation of unique pearl jewelry as wearable art.

The novel nature of Eiji's concepts includes newly designed pearls with traditional Makie (Japanese Lacquer sprinkled with gold and silver powder), Kiriko (faceted), and a combination of pearls with Kurochiku (Black Bamboo) as well as rubies or diamonds. He has also challenged himself to produce oversized pearls, uncommon shapes (such as pearls), and more.

Eiji began showing his work overseas including in Korea, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Lithuania, Shanghai, Macao, Malaysia, Taiwan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Beijing, Thailand, and New York, and it’s been very well received.

Eiji's modern vision combined with traditional Japanese art techniques makes his one-of-a-kind pieces extremely attractive.


1968 Born in Miami-Ise, Japan
1986 Became third generation successor of Uemura Pearl
1988 Became a pearl artist and began selling pearl art jewelry
1995 Starts developing individual style and design
2000 Launched show with unique new pearl designs
2002 Starts Makie (Ma- Kee- Ye) series
2004- Begins exhibiting overseas. including in Korea, France, Hong Kong, German, Lithuania, Shanghai, Macao, Malaysia, Taiwan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Beijing, Thailand, New York and more
2013 Attended Macao Pearl Show
Invited to Kuala Lumpur Jewelry Fair Pearl Show
Invited guest at Toba International Hotel talk show
Launched new design and Invited guest at Taiwan GIA Show talk show
2014 Invited to event "Azerbaijan and Japan Friendship" to exhibit his work
2015 Lectured in Shanghai
2017 Architected a pearl gallery in Minamiise Town, Mie Prefecture.
We have created a place where people who meet can feel closer to the pearls and come into contact with nature.k
2018 Guest house extension.
We are particular about the space so that we can accommodate visitors from afar and enjoy the extraordinary experience.
Current Every day, we create works with edgy ideas under the theme of "Pearl is interesting". From the desire to make the people I meet smile with pearls
In addition to jewelry, we continue to create works that are not addicted to the frame, such as works that color everyday life as art.