Eiji Uemura was born in Minamiise Town, Mie Prefecture, and inherited the family business as the third generation of Uemura Pearl Farming, which had continued from his grandfather's generation.

Later, he felt new possibilities for pearls and started designing jewelry.

In addition to wearing it on special occasions, we are conscious of the style that goes well with casual fashion and create it with innovative ideas.

We are also focusing on interior pearls that can be enjoyed even when not in use, and unique works that become a part of art when removed are attracting attention.

Pearls are fun! We want to entertain people all over the world through our pearl jewelry.

EIJI will push forward with the aim of further evolution.


1968 Born in Miami-Ise, Japan
1986 Became third generation successor of Uemura Pearl
1988 Became a pearl artist and began selling pearl art jewelry
1995 Starts developing individual style and design
2000 Launched show with unique new pearl designs
2002 Starts Makie (Ma- Kee- Ye) series
2004- Begins exhibiting overseas. including in France, Hong Kong, China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen), Macao, Malaysia, Taiwan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Thailand, New York, Singapore, Myanmar and more
2013 Attended Macao Pearl Show
Invited to Kuala Lumpur Jewelry Fair Pearl Show
Invited guest at Toba International Hotel talk show
Launched new design and Invited guest at Taiwan GIA Show talk show
2014 Invited to event "Azerbaijan and Japan Friendship" to exhibit his work
2015 Lectured in Shanghai
2017 Architected a pearl gallery in Minamiise Town, Mie Prefecture.
We have created a place where people who meet can feel closer to the pearls and come into contact with nature.k
2018 Guest house extension.
We have created a special space next to the Pearl Gallery so that we can accommodate customers from afar.
New York office opening
2023 Opened Pearl Boutique at Atami Pearl Star Hotel.
The first permanent store, the Pearl Star Gallery, is open for non-guests to enjoy.